O ur cigars are in perfect symbioses with a fabuleus rhum Havana Club).
It’s a unique collaboration built on collective passion and dedication. The sommeliers propose

S mall Corona. & Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros

Aroma: roasted cocoa, earth. This cigar is small best. Strenght: 4/5 cigars for the desert at the end of the meal. Is is in perfect symbiosis with chocolate.

FINISH: A remarkable balance stands out thanks to a pleasant smoky oak and spice finich blended with candied fruits.

C orona. & Havana Club Añejo 15 Años

A very pleasent cigar to smoke, very recommended for smokers who do not like too powerful cigar. Force 3/5.

FINISH:A long, sweet and complex aftertaste with notes of vanilla and cocoa.

R obusto. & Havana Club Union

A cigar of strenght and power between 4 and 5, but round and very pleasant to smoke after a good meal. The taste of freshly ground roasted coffe, wood and earth.

A soft wood flavor accented with vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit. FINISH : A very rich, aromatic finish.

T oro & Wide Churchill & Havana Club Maximo extra Anejo

TORO : An impressive cigar by size but very light and easy to smoke. Force between 3 and 4/5. WIDE CHURCHILL: A powerful cigar by its taste and ny its size. A cigar for the connoisseur loving the power of a cigar rich in aroma of leather, undergrowth and earth. Force 5.

A powerfully smooth, woody taste enhanced by vanilla and chocolate. FINISH: An irresistble spicy finish